Why use Recycled Plastic?

Recycled Plastic is an amazing product. Functional, yet inspiring, it has qualities that not only complement but often outweigh the value of more traditional materials like steel or timber. We at Ecoplastic have pioneered its use in street furniture and as a construction material. Through our experience, craftsmanship and technology, we hope to work in partnership with like–minded people who know and appreciate the positive impact of building with this eco–sustainable material.

The secret is to source consistently excellent material

We source the best recycled plastic to deliver a consistently excellent performance over long periods of time. The material does not rot, fade or become brittle even when exposed to harsh marine environments. As a material, recycled plastic material is relatively new (approximately 20 years), and there is a wide range of different qualities available. We at Ecoplastic have 18 years of manufacturing experience, making us one of the longest established companies in the UK and Ireland.

The key to getting excellent quality recycled plastic is ensuring that the raw material has been properly sorted. Our recycled plastic is a combination of 100% LDPE and HDPE. We are proud to point to examples of our product in place in public areas for 15 plus years, still looking as good today as they did when they were installed.

Experience in Manufacture

We use a combination of traditional craft skills and cutting edge technology to design and manufacture our furniture in County Down. Over the past 5 years, Ecoplastic has partnered with a range of consulting engineers, architects and landscape architects to pioneer the use of recycled plastic as a structural material for use in boardwalks, bridges, viewing platforms and waterside amenities.  Ecoplastic’s 900m long boardwalk in Drogheda’s Boyne Greenway is the largest recycled plastic structure in Europe, covering a massive 3250m2.

When it’s required, our design engineers are always happy to lend their technical expertise to any design project. Their collective experience makes them a valuable resource and there’s nothing they love more than an opportunity work on custom projects and designs.

Maintenance Free

There is no painting, sanding, or treating necessary with recycled plastic – just the odd clean with soap and water. This reduces labour and materials, freeing up precious resources for other priorities. And as the products do not break down or deteriorate with normal use, budgets can be used to extend the range of outdoor furniture purchased instead of replacing or repairing worn out items.

Vandal resistant

All our materials are vandal resistant. A consistent colour throughout the product reduces the satisfaction of scoring while the tough surface makes cutting very laborious. Recycled plastic is also difficult to ignite and paint is easily removed with solvents. The material is dense, weighing up to 3 times more than equivalent products in wood, so it is often too heavy to move or remove. We use shear nuts on our bolts to prevent vandalism and plug the screw holes with recycled plastic plugs to prevent access by the elements, further increasing their lifespan. This also makes them less visible and detracts attention.

Health and Safety

Unlike timber, recycled plastic does not splinter – a big bonus for health and safety concerns. Wood disintegrates over time, and wood in bad conditions can break leaving sharp edges exposed. Recycled plastic has an expected life span of 40+ years and will not visibly break down over that time. Nor does it hold the damp, so seats are as comfortable to use in October as they are in August. Boards used for platforms or steps won’t not break down over time either. They have an extremely high slip resistant rating, and unlike wood, that slip resistance is maintained over time. Recycled plastic does not facilitate the growth of moss or algae, a major contributor to slippiness. The knot–free surface means that tables can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Environmentally Friendly

Using recycled plastic closes the recycling loop. People can see that the plastic they recycle at home or at work is ultimately put to good use. Using recycled plastic over new plastic has lots of advantages:–

•      Reduction of energy consumption by 66%

•      Production of only a third of the sulphur dioxide

•      Production of only half of the nitrous oxide

•      Reduction of water usage by nearly 90%

•      Reduction of carbon dioxide generation by two–and–a–half times

•      1.8 tonnes of oil are saved for every tonne of recycled polythene produced


All our products are guaranteed for 5 years against faults in materials and workmanship and we operate a repair or replace service.

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