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We are Ireland’s leading source of products and structures made from 100% recycled plastic material.

We combine manufacturing expertise with innovative technology. Every day, we apply 17 years of specialist knowledge to major architectural and landscaping projects all over Ireland and the UK.

Why work with Ecoplastic?

We’ll work with you, not just for you.

We strive to bring a strong, unified work ethos to every project. Great things come from like–minded teams all pushing in the same direction to achieve common goals – for our clients, their customers and stakeholders. It’s about achieving the best possible outcome for everyone.

We only work with the best.

We source premium quality recycled plastic to ensure consistently high performance over long periods of time. Our material is a combination of 100% LDPE and HDPE. Its solidity is characterised by a perfect homogenous quality of plastic mixture and a beautiful, solid core. It doesn’t rot, fade or become brittle even when exposed to harsh marine environments. We’re proud to see structures we installed 15 years ago still looking as good now as the day we made them.

We design and manufacture with precision.

You’ll find a combination of cutting edge technology and traditional craft skills at our purpose built factory in County Down. We have state of the art equipment to deliver consistency and precision. If you need help designing in recycled plastic, our design engineers are on hand to offer technical expertise.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Recycled Plastic?

Our recycled plastic planks and posts are made of extruded HDPE or High–Density Polyethelyne. This is plastic from packaging waste, drinks bottles and silage wrap. First, it’s cleaned and granulated, then moulded into shapes. It’s from this material that we create our outdoor furniture and landscaping products.

Will Ecoplastic products fade or require treatment or staining?

No. That’s one of the major advantages. Our products do not rot, splinter or break easily. The material is UV–stable, resistant to salts and acids and will not grow algae or moss. So, once it’s installed, it requires little or no maintenance and lasts three times longer than wood. In fact, recycled plastic only requires an occasional wash with a power–hose to keep it looking good as new.

How is Recycled Plastic different from wood?

Practically any application made from wood can be created in recycled plastic. Though there are some subtle differences in the properties, recycled plastic is more durable, won’t rot or splinter and is very easy to maintain.

How can I use it?

We use recycled plastic to make boardwalks, mountain bike trails, garden furniture, street furniture, fencing, decking, stabling, pathways, signposting, play equipment, storage boxes, horsewalkers, litter bins, pathway edging, marine and ground stabilisation systems and road safety. We are always open to new ideas and applications and are developing new and exciting concepts all the time.

Where can I buy your Ecoplastic products?  Do you have showrooms or stores?

Our products are made exclusively at our premises in Annacloy in County Down. Our delivery service despatches all over the island of Ireland, UK and Europe. We’re open 9–5 Monday to Thursday and 9–4 on Friday. Give us a call!  You’ll find all our contact details and a map on our Contacts page.

Environmental Policy

All Ecoplastic products are made of 100% recycled plastic. In keeping with its environmentally friendly ethos, the team at Ecoplastic Recycling Ltd are always trying to find more ways to respect the environment, to minimise waste, promote recycling, reduce energy and water consumption and where possible, prevent pollution.

We are one of the first businesses in the UK to achieve BS-8555. This includes implementing a rigorous environmental management and performance evaluation system for our business and premises here in County Down.

As well as an internal commitment to sustainability and environmental ethics, in working with companies such as The Carbon Trust, The Ulster Wildlife Trust, WRAP UK and The National Trust, Ecoplastic encourages a culture that embraces sustainability in our own organisation and in the community.

Our Story

Pat Fitzsimons is a man who can rarely resist a challenge. Having already established one successful business in road marking, it wasn’t long before he found another conundrum to solve. 

Back in 1992, Pat was getting concerned about the growing amounts of packaging waste he saw, particularly in road marking. He did his research and quickly learned that almost all plastic waste, from drinks bottles to used toys, was being indiscriminately dumped into landfill. 

Like most of his ideas, he let things simmer. Until one day, while crossing a street in Berlin, he knocked against what he thought was a metal bollard. Despite being as rigid as metal, Pat felt a warmth from its surface that made him stop and have another look. 

The bollard was made from recycled plastic. 

Returning home to County Down, Pat explored the possibilities for this new discovery. In 1994, he encouraged a team of skilled joiners to try their hand at working with recycled plastic profiles, and soon found it could be treated in much the same way as wood. Focusing on outdoor furniture – plastic never rots in landfill, and so it wouldn’t rot or change when made into a bench or table for outdoors – Pat set up a factory and got to work. 

All their efforts went into producing their first design – a recycled plastic bench. From just one bench, Ecoplastic’s range has developed into Ireland’s largest range of recycled plastic products and street furniture.

Today, there is an even bigger focus on design and development, as larger and bespoke projects become more frequent. And so the story continues.

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