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Skerries Mills Boardwalk

_Date of completion

_June 2014


_Skerries, Co. Dublin


_Fingal County Council
Clifton Scannell Emerson Engineers
Sierra Support Services Contracts

_Product Group


Skerries Mills is one of Dublin’s most visited tourist attractions.  Consisting of a number of fully restored five–sail windmills, the area is a massively popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

One of the most popular parts of the attraction for the local community is the park’s watercourse, teeming as it is with ducks, swans and other wildlife.  Access to the lake had become difficult for pedestrians due to its location beside the main entrance to the site.  Fingal County Council approached Ecoplastic for a solution.

“We wanted to widen access for visitors who wished to view the pond wildlife – many of whom are children and the elderly – to move them away from the park’s entrance, while having minimum impact on a very sensitive natural environment. “ said Aileen O’Connor, Operations Manager at Fingal County Council.  ”We also wanted to avoid any maintenance on the materials at the site and to maximize the whole–life cost savings of any structure we chose.  Ecoplastic ticked all those boxes”.

Working with Clifton Scannell Emerson Engineers, Ecoplastic’s design team drew on our long history of building structures with recycled plastic and provided guidance and drawings throughout the design process.  “Although we’d never used recycled plastic before, Ecoplastic helped answer any questions we had about the material and suggested design.” said engineer Oliver Dalton.  “They were always helpful and quick to respond to any questions”.

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