Item 90 – M66bi Wheelchair Easy Access Table

Low lying supports and spacious dimensions allow easy access for children, the elderly and disabled users of this popular table. 

M66b has an extended end which also allows wheelchair access.

M66bi has an integrated space to allow wheelchair access.

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  • Overall length 2000mm (M60b Extended End)
  • Overall width 1400mm
  • Seat Height 650mm
  • Seat Width 300mm
  • Seat length 600mm
  • Table Width 620mm
  • Overall Height 650mm

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Complete with anchor points and M10 screw bolts for fixing to concrete 

Fully assembled and ready to install Maintenance free – no painting or treating necessary 

Climate resistant – UV stable, no fading; resistant in marine environments  

Will not rot, even if flooded 

Vandal resistant material – minimum damage from scoring more fire resistant than

Paint and sprays easily removed with solvent 

Will not rust or splinter – fewer H &S concerns 

Material does not hold damp, comfortable as soon as is dry 

Made from 100% recycled ecoplastic 

Optional Barbecue Plate available – 300×400 × 100mm in galvanised steel


Concrete base should be approx 150mm thick to take 100mm bolts.


The Item 90 – M66bi Wheelchair Easy Access Table works well with:

Ecoplastic offers a 50% whole life cost saving compared to timber over its 40 year lifespan – maintenance & replacement costs associated with timber are not an issue with recycled plastic.

Imagining a Maintenance Free World

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